Exploring Construction Projects-Means and Methods
Image source: On site Photograph

The objective of this course is to impart learning on different construction technologies. Construction techniques are meticulously designed and followed to achieve the product for different types of projects though it may seem random and haphazard from the outside. Any construction project has five major phases through which it passes during its entire life cycle. These phases are the conceiving phase, development phase, execution phase, closeout phase, and operation & maintenance phase. Each stage utilizes specialized techniques to oversee the projects' planning, design, and construction, from beginning to end. This course mainly focuses on the execution phase and various construction techniques used in the execution. The students will have a 360 degree approach through case-study presentations and understanding of the technologies in depth through actual site visits. The major projects that would be taken up for the case study presentations and site visits includes Monte South(60 floors), Lodha Kiara (70 floors), Mumbai Metro Casting yard, tunneling, and viaduct etc.

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