Exploring Urban Agriculture beyond Food Production
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This summer school aims to reflect upon, rethink, and redefine our current food systems in cities through urban agriculture. Among many challenges faced by the urban population during this pandemic were availability, accessibility, and stability of food supply caused due to disruption of supply from the agrarian rural societies. The food security of urban dwellers was threatened despite having empty spaces within the city, where one can grow food to reduce food kilometres. Through Urban Agriculture we get fresh food for the city as well as generate employment. Another important benefit of urban farming is the positive impact on mental health and well-being of the people which is experienced through kitchen gardening and community building.
This course will help students to integrate urban agriculture on any scale and in a wide variety of domains like single units, green buildings, neighbourhood spaces and cityscapes. Students will design a project and it is open to them to put forth their proposals as individuals or groups. This course will have Interactive sessions, Urban Farm visits, Microgreen growing, Salad lunch day, Guest lectures and more. Grow Local, Eat Local!

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