Image source: Enrico Castellani, Spazio Ambiente, 1970 Art Basel Unlimited 2017

This course will examine the architecture viewed through a sensory lens as defined in our personal spaces, communal arrangements, landscapes and urban environments from the historical to the present. Participants will research human sensory responses to the experience of sanctuary, re-define cultural and historical notions of sensory architecture, and evaluate new and emerging forms of wellbeing in changing societies.Insights from research and explorations will be codified by each participant into a new lexicon of human- centric interventions in design and architecture. The neuro-aesthetic vocabulary thus evolved will be used to generate an architectural response to a specific micro-site, through drawings, models, writings, and digital visual essays.Participants will be encouraged to:• Employ salient research methodologies • Identify building blocks for new theories• Refine critical and analytical skills• Iterate responses to knowledge gained.The final output of the course will include an individual physical artifact. There will also be a site specific collaborative physical installation on campus.
Expenses for Students - Material Cost - Rs. 2000/-

Course Faculty