Fractals 31.0: Parallel Planes
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The Fractals Workshop is a generative design and computation workshop that is derived from the structures and growth patterns of natural systems, particularly fractals. We will learn how nothing in nature is random, but based on a set of rules of growth, or an algorithm. Unlike conventional design processes which are top-down, we will use algorithms to work in a bottom-up manner, exploring speculative design systems that are not bound by context, gravity, scale or use.

Key Words: formfinding,generative design,computation,analog algorithms
Required Skills: Basic Design skills, interest in geometry and craft, basic knowledge of 3D modeling (a plus but not necessary)
Required Software: Rhino 6.0 or above, Keyshot or Lumion, Photoshop
Required Hardware: paper, pencil, scissors, glue, tape, stapler. Standard computer with at least 8 GB RAM, mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers and microphone
Student should have knowledge of Basic design, physical modeling, basic 3D modeling skills; optional: Photoshop, Rhino basics

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