From Farm to Plate
Image source: Hamid Raj

The course aims at giving students a firsthand exposure to farming in order to understand and trace the journey of our food from 'farm to plate'. The students shall be given a basic introduction to prevalent farming practices. The students shall be visiting various farms and sapling nurseries where they shall interview farmers to gain insights right from choice of crop based on soil and climate to preparation of soil, sowing, nurturing to harvesting. They shall also collect information and details of input costs for material, labor, water and electricity. The students shall participate in a hands-on soil preparation and sowing in a designated patch of farmland. A visit to the APMC market shall be conducted to understand the manner of transaction, stakeholders and the economics of farming. They shall further dwell into the eventual model of retail business by vegetable vendors.
Finally, a detailed report shall be prepared to understand the journey of food 'farm to plate'.

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