Generative design for performance-based building envelope design
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This workshop is focused on proposing a new way of the facade design in the initial design phase in connection to Indoor program requirements. The workshop is based on generative design algorithms and involves theoretical and analytical parts, also 3D prototype development.

Generative design uses the principles of evolution to improve design options iteratively. It adapts the three operators of selection, crossover, and mutation to generate solutions and evaluate them on design goals. This workshop focuses on the potential this method holds for early project stages in envelope design. The goal is to produce a basic model of a project and optimise it in the aspects relevant to early project development. To realise this goal, a design concept consisting of variables and constraints will be developed. A set of relevant design metrics will be identified to evaluate design options and determine the direction of the optimization.

The solutions can easily be compared to each other based on the relevant design metrics. When a well-defined vision of the design and a set of relevant evaluation measures exist, generative design can provide profitable solutions. It can help optimise a build

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