Image source: Giant Grass

Designing with natural materials requires the designer to have a thorough understanding of the material not only in terms of its structural quality but also what the material wants to be and how it behaves.The best way to learn about any natural materials including bamboo is to actually build with it. Bamboo has been used in construction for many centuries, but generally has a poor reputation, sometimes also known as poor man's timber. It is only recently that it is gaining popularity globally as a sustainable material for the future and design has played a huge part in this transformation. This course will provide students with a design + build experience where students will learn not only about about how to design with bamboo but also how to turn those design ideas into reality by building with bamboo. As part of the course students will learn about: (1)Most common bamboo species;(2)Bamboo treatment processes;(3) Key design principles;(4)Specific tools for bamboo construction;(5)Various construction techniques including splitting, cutting, drilling and finishing bamboo; and(6)Construction joineries and connections including lashing, bolting, clamping, etc.The course will involve generating design ideas, making models using bamboo skewers and hands-on working with tools and bamboo to build one structure on campus. We will be using the approach of action based learning that will promote active experimentation and innovation.
Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 7000/ - as mentioned in expenses.

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