Image processing and its applications with Python
Image source: Google

With the rise of industry 4.0, industry and academia both are using data related technologies to create next generation products, services and experiences. There are multiple types of data among which image based data is one of the most commonly used type of data. From selfies to X-ray, image based data is being used for various applications. As per an estimate, daily 350 million photos are being uploaded on the social media platform Facebook. This shows the importance of image based data in our lives. Further, with affordable, efficient and compact data storage and processing hardware both industry and academia are investing heavily in image processing and related technologies. This course is aimed at students and professionals who are interested to learn fundamentals of image processing. In this course Python programming language will be used as a tool. This course will cover fundamentals of Python and then focus on Python’s application for image processing. This course is designed to give learner a hands-on experience along with the mathematical understanding of image processing. Towards the end the of the course there will be a image segmentation project using the learnings.

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