Impression Management via Communication
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This course is designed that participants adopt effective way of communication skills to influence their audience. These skill set will unquestionably assist in succeeding at university level and beyond that. Amazingly, these skill set will develop your personality to a level for an efficacious career. It is imperative to develop the effective communication ability to demonstrate interpersonal skills, soft skills with diverse people while progressing the idea, leading people and so on. Understanding and practicing the skill set the participants will master the art of confident identity. It will enable one to have absolute advantage to become top performer. In profession the skills are 100 percent technical and 100 percent people, therefore it is vital to develop the skills. In reference to famous personality, they have acquired identity only by mastering the art of effective way of communication and knowing their product better than others. "Customer is always right." Harry Gordan Selfridge, John Wanamaker and Marshal Field all Americans pioneered the phrase. To conclude, without having soft and interpersonal skills one cannot succeed. Therefore, non technical skills are important.

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