Innovating financing opportunities for tourism centric development of small towns
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Picturing small cities - Especially hill towns, gives a serine impression of nature and people. However, these cities/towns predominantly rely on tourism and related activities as the source of income. Cities with the potential of tourism have the opportunity to create innovative financing options. This course shall enable students to understand about the process of formulating innovative approaches to catalyze community-driven financing options for tourism centric economic development.
Students shall learn about how tactical urban management practices can have significant impact on a city's economy and its interlinkages with city-built fabric, citizen’s lifestyle, and livelihood. Students will explore and document the prominent challenges of small cities with the focus on financing the tourism centric development.
This course shall also develop understanding for capturing citizen’s viewpoint on the same along with willingness to participate in the integrated model that fuels economic growth of small cities of Himachal Pradesh with the perspective of city and lens of tourism.

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