Innovative  way  of Plaster of Paris Casting and Carving with Paper Clay.
Image source: my students' work

The course is based on exploring different materials, main is P.OP.It is hard like cement and concrete but fragile when dry.Plastering is considered most ancient building techniques,around 4000 years ago Egyptians used identical material for plastering at Pyramids.Evidences show that mud was replaced by plaster for coating walls,ceilings,and partitions .Plaster has been a medium of artistic expressions,here it will help them in model making in different scales..In Recent times it is applied on ceiling,using metal molds,some are precast with hands and given different textures and colors to make unique creative interior spaces.The Students will get chance to hands on P.o.p, making molds using wood,metal,rubber,paper clay & many more.
Every day On the campus We can see lots of different types of paper waste generated.Like newspaper, printouts, hardboard, colour sheets,corrugated sheets,mill board, paper glass, tissue paper, paper crates. Students will be taught to make paper pulp and also how to reuse the paper waste material to make clay out of it. They will get chance to work at workshop,hands on wood,metal,clay,P.O.P, Paper crushing machines,Welding machines,Blenders etc.

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