Interpersonal communication as a kind of self-representation
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The goal of this course is to teach students how to persuade others using their communication abilities.
Possessing these abilities will undoubtedly improve one's chances of achieving academically in college and beyond.
Incredibly, honing these abilities can help you grow into a professional who can really make a difference.
In order to advance a concept, lead people, etc., it is crucial to hone one's interpersonal and soft-skill communication abilities.
Participants will learn to confidently express themselves after they grasp the requisite skill set and put it into practise.
You'll be able to get an unbeatable edge and skyrocket to the top of your field.
The abilities needed in the workplace are one hundred percent technical and one hundred percent people-oriented.
Famous people have become who they are because they have mastered the art of persuasive communication and are experts in their field.
We always put the customer first.
In the United States, the term was popularised by Harry Gordan Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshal Field.
It's safe to say that a person's chances of success plummet if they lack soft and interpersonal skills.
For this reason, soft skills are crucial.

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