Introduction to Parametric modelling tools in Structural Analysis and Design
Image source: sws 2021

Parametric Design is an approach which involves breaking down any design problem into its expressible parameters. A real-time tweakable, interactive relationship is devised that links the design intent and the design response. In a conventional scenario, architectural designers working with fluid forms get little iterative feedback from structural engineers. There seems to be little dialogue between the architects and the structural engineers regarding how structurally informed the design decision is, right at the conceptual stage. This is due to the different software packages employed by the two disciplines.
Whereas architects, product designers, acoustics designers and green building specialists in India have been using interactive parametric tools like Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper since over a decade, there is a need for the structural engineering fraternity, both academic and industrial, to equip themselves with the same tools while carrying out the detailed analysis in an industry standard software package .

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