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Printmaking is an artistic medium with unique technical qualities. To make a print form an original block or specially prepares surface. Exploring different mediums of print making technique, Stone lithography and Etching. Each technique has its own distinctive style, imposed by the tools, materials, and printing methods. The metamorphosis that takes place between drawing and print became the strongest attraction for the creative artist. Students will explore a wide variety of printmaking processes; this is a hands on course, including Stone Lithography (Black and white and colour) and Etching (intaglio prints and top roller, Line etching, Aqua tint, dip biting process)
Lithography: Stone Lithography is a sensitive printing process and rear most medium, the technical process of Stone lithography including preparation of stones, principal drawing and materials and printing skills, to more specialised subjects such as black and white print with various tonal variation, colour printing and image transferring process etc.
Etching: Etching is a fabulous printmaking technique where the chemistry to incise a hand is drawn image into a zinc plate for printing on paper. This workshop will focus on technical mastery and image making on zinc plate, understanding of hard ground and as a soft ground, to achieve a variety of line and texture. Aqua tint and Stop-out techniques one colour top rolling process. And edition printing process.
Understanding of printmaking processes, materials, and techniques associated with edition print. Interpretation of positive and negative spaces, composition, tonal variations, colour intensity and harmony. Learning and exploring techniques of planography and relief paint
Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs.3000/ as mentioned in expenses.

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