Joy of making cardboard automata toys
Image source: from my workshop

Automata is a playful way of exploring a simple, non motorized mechanism to create moving toys. The name Automata is derived from ‘automation,’ and has been around for hundreds of years; yet it has not been explored in our society to its potential. In ‘cardboard automata’ simple material like cardboard , wire, paper, etc can be turned into engaging, entertaining, and functional toys. It is an educational tool and a fun learning for students and develops and encourages their imagination and creative skills .Cardboard automata is a good example of integrating science and art into one activity through a creative medium. For learners the narrative and decorative aspects of the automata are as important as the mechanical elements. There are different kinds of mechanism in automata like “cam” , “ crank” , “ lever” , “gear” etc , and each has its unique movement. Making automata takes a lot of time and dedication, but it is extremely joyful and rewarding and is fully worth the time spent on it. The motion of automata depends on various factors and gives opportunity to the learner to explore these factors in a playful creative way.

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