Joy of Model Making
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Model Making is a tool that facilitates easy visualization and representation of space, be it partial or complete, be it conceptual/ process or detailed. It is tangible and therefore is a very integral part of design processes. In today's tech heavy day and age, physical models are becoming a rarity. The course aims to re-acquaint the students with joy of model making that can help them explore, test and present design ideas and equip them with the ability to plan and efficiently execute physical 3D models.
The students will be required to select 1 built work/ integrated furniture/ part building details of a master architect/ interior/furniture designer which will become basis for model explorations. The course will be divided in 3 parts
1-Identifying the work, sourcing drawings and details.
2-Planning the model, with respect to material and assembly.
3-Making of sectional/part model, accurately representing the actual materials and details (tentative scale 1:10, 1:20).

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