Image source: Himanshu Khagta Photography

Perched high on a mountain slope on the bank of Rupin River, at the height of 2500 mts above sea level, Dodra-Kwar is the oldest inhabited village and also one of the largest villages in the entire Rohru region of Himachal Pradesh (assumed to be 400 – 500 years old).Being a remote and undeveloped outskirt of Rohru district in Himachal Pradesh, these villages showcase the authentic lifestyle of their social, cultural and religious practices.
The distinctive architecture of this land lock area has its own signature of settlement pattern which exists in harmony with nature. The buildings in the village settlement display the use of KATH KUNI style of construction which is a potential example of local building techniques in Himachal.
The antiquity of this village is not only borne out by the scores of ancient standing temples but also by the carved stones and other relics of the very old buildings. Those are seen peeping out of the remains scattered between the standing residential houses, lined along the winding stone-paved narrow lanes. The Summer School is about documenting this vernacular village, its settlement pattern, vernacular architecture, culture, and lifestyle before it gets transformed. We aim to graphically summarize and document the village and reflect it through a coffee table book so that its value is carried forward as an immortal inspiration.
The course is for those who are highly enthusiast about preserving our rich vernacular architecture and have a love for the mighty mountains and nature with an inclination towards field based documentation using the various medium.
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 1000/-, Food & Stay - Rs. 18600/-, Local Travel - Rs. 2000/-

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