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The course will introduce students to mobile film-making basics. They will learn how to shoot the film with mobile phone and how to use gears to enhance film outputs. The three major building blocks of films: pre-production, production and post-production will be taught. The participants will be learning how to visualize ideas, conceptualise and represent through the medium of films. It will teach them to write conceptual and executable scripts and screenplays. The logic and techniques to write a gripping and engaging short film will be taught. It will also be in introduction to film-production, shoot scheduling, shot division, lighting the shots, film sound recording and color correction of films. The basics of mobile handling, introduction to sound capturing techniques and sound sync will be demonstrated. The set design and art direction basics will be taught. Basic film editing will be taught. The entire course work will be an hands-on experience and short films are expected to be made as an output by the participants and guided in the end to end process with each passing sessions.

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