Image source: Kesarjan Building Cenre & Sanal Aparna Associates

The course aims at introducing mud construction to students and providing them with an opportunity to learn and work at a fully equipped building center where they will be actively engaged in learning with the experts and working with the craftsmen while learning to build with mud. The focus of this course will be stabilized mud block making, design & construction using mud blocks. The course will be divided into three parts whose salient features are listed below:
1) Introduction -mud construction, its history, advantages of mud construction, various kinds of mud constructions like rammed earth, mud brick, wattle and daub, cob, cement stabilization technique, mud-mortar, variations in earth-building techniques, appropriate soils for mud constructions, finding resources.
2) Making Stabilized mud blocks: Testing and working with different soils, soil tests, steps in making a brick, plasticity soil test, cake soil test, compression tests, brick sizes, brick weights, molds, mixing mud, treating bricks after they are cast, stacking bricks and troubleshooting.
3) Design-Build: The entire group of students will design and build walls and roofs using mudbricks.

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