Life in Parks
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The winter school explores the potential role of large urban parks in contributing to the sustainability and imageability of Indian cities. The course aims to study life in parks of Ahmedabad in order to develop a toolkit for park programming, design and management. Students will study existing large parks in the city through techniques of landscape character assessment, visual surveys, end user and staff surveys, as well as mapping techniques in order to understand how parks are perceived by citizens. These techniques will unravel the intrinsic relationship between design, programming and experience of a park through planograms, panoramic montages and word clouds. The scope of the course is a part of the larger study funded by Khandwalla Creativity Foundation to promote the excellence of public gardens in Ahmedabad as recreation and relaxation spaces for its citizens.Student should have good mapping and drawing skills.
Please Note :- This course will only run as a on-campus course

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