Light Infrastructure: Construction as activism
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Departing from the increasing contemporary necessity to address issues of urban marginality, displacement & community disfranchisement, we are interested in exploring the possibilities designers possess to generate positive change in contexts of scarcity. The structure of the course will fluctuate from lectures & discussions on the theory of activism in relation to design to a process of 1:1 scale construction, & on-campus installation. The object of design then will be a transportable small-scaled D-I-Y transit housing module that can accommodate diverse productive activities while addressing infrastructural lacking in transit settlements: hence a light infrastructure. Given the time span of the course, the design of the device will be introduced by the faculty, yet will be set as an open scheme that can be modified through the construction process, guided by the criteria of students and assisting professionals. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with the implementation of a socially-committed project while understanding the underlying complexities it entails as well as its benefits and impacts.

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