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Departing from the increasing contemporary necessity to address issues of urban marginality, structural violence & community disfranchisement, we are interested in exploring the possibilities designers & researchers possess to generate positive change in contexts of scarcity. We situate the course as a glimpse to both investigate recent practices that have dealt with such topics, as well as a space to experiment with the construction of a small-scaled urban device in the informal settlement of Bombay Hotel, Ahmedabad.The structure of the winter school -in that manner- will fluctuate from lectures & discussions on the theory of activism in relation to design(its historical background, its projective futures, as well as the role of the designer/researcher in contemporary society) to a process of 1:1 scale construction, community exchange & on-site installation. The object of design then, will be a transportable architectural object that can accommodate diverse productive activities while addressing infrastructural lackings of the neighborhood: hence a light infrastructure. Given the time-span of the course, the design of the device will be introduced by the faculty, yet will be set as a open scheme that can be modified through the construction process, guided by the criteria of students and assisting professionals. Students will have the opportunity to experiment the implementation of a socially-committed project, while understanding the underlying complexities it entails as well as its benefits and impacts. This involves the development of practical skills of making, managing, coordinating & negotiating, as well as a conceptual competence that can retrofit on a more responsible future practice. Expenses for Students - Material Cost - Rs. 2500/-, Local Travel - Rs. 1000/-

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