Livelihoods & Creative Industries in Nawanpind, Punjab
Image source: Gurmeet Rai

This course introduces participants to local materials/skills, mapping frameworks, and the ethics around co-creation. The village Nawanpind sits within a picturesque setting along the UBDC canal in Punjab. Local communities engage in various craft and building practices. Their skills have tremendous opportunities for innovation and are rooted in the genius loci, the spirit of Nawanpind. This course looks to map these local knowledge systems, and use the tool of co-production (with local craftspersons) to exhibit a village Mela. Modules - 1: Visual Survey + stakeholder identification, 2: Co-Mapping, and 3: Co-Creation. The output is envisioned to be functionally driven, creative and innovative. S22FA020, an earlier iteration, gathered data across myriad layers of the village on an overall. This Winter School develops on that and deepens the study by diving into the nuances of livelihoods and creative industries. Outputs showcased during the S22FA020 Mela were a madhani, textile products, food recipes, etc. This Winter School is supported with material/art/design workshops (crochet, weaving, adobe, lime, etc) and expert lectures (5) for participants to arrive at deeper understandings

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