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Sanghpur is rich in its natural setting and fauna diversity owing to its location right at the flood plains of a magnificent confluence of three rivers Hathmati, Sabar and Sabarmati . The camping site set amidst a vast tract of agriculture lands in a rustic rural setting along the fertile river banks is an ideal location for trekking and bird watching and to explore the daily chores of an agrarian settlement and its modest way of life. The workshop provides students an opportunity to get exposure to a wide range of organic farming activities through live demonstrations and hands on experience. The course also integrates expert lecture sessions and field trips to help students grasp traditional and modern concepts of organic farming like soil fertility, crop selection and rotation, farming tools and machinery, dry river bed farming, biological weed control, irrigation methods, certification, and marketing etc.Please note: - The students will be provided with basic amenities for stay and farm fresh organic meals during camping at the farm.
Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 1000/, Food & Stay: Rs 10000/-, Local Travel: Rs: 1500/-+ travel expense as mentioned in expenses.

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