Location Intelligent
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How the Location is important for the Business that answer is given by the Location Intelligent, it is perhaps one of the most commonly recited business and important for the decision making The phrase has been taken to mean that your business/ any public facilities must be in the correct location, geographically to be successful. Location Intelligent answers the power of space (Location) with the various aspects of the Surrounding business, thus introducing the geographic parameters of the business and in the interpretation of the phenomena of communication. Location Intelligent brings desperate information on regional demand. This makes it possible to more efficiently manage operations, increase demand penetration and make more informed location decisions. Location Intelligent can be particularly useful to social media if you are a business with a real location, as opposed to a business based solely online. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is the basis for Location Intelligent, Business Mapping, Spatial Business Intelligence, or Micro Geography. Also, represent the Database which represents the analysis of the database which give the answer to take the decision.

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