Magic of  pop -up  through pull tab
Image source: Course Faculty

Pull tab is an integral and a very essential part of pop-up mechanism. As the name suggests pull tabs are little strips of card usually at any side of the picture, that viewers grab hold of and pull gently. As soon as someone pulls, some sort of action takes place on the card – a piece rotates, slides, pops, jumps or dissolves. Pull tab mechanism engages the viewer’s visually and physically and allows them to have a different magical experience. It gives life to an illustration and attracts people of all age groups.
There are various kinds of pull tabs - slot, shutter scene, rocking motion, panel dissolve, lift away and towards, etc. Paper is a predominant material for pull tab and all this falls under the paper engineering department. Paper is a very good building material. One can easily fold, bend, tear, cut and stick it with glue. Making pull tab requires accurate design, basic understanding of the mechanism, creativity and lots of dedication.
Students needs Pencil, erasure, paper cutter , glue, metal scale , cutting mat , scissor for this courseo

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