Media, Transmedia, and the Multiple Arts
Image source: Project “Volume Zero,” CEPT, 2016

The Ljubljana-Venice Summer School project, conducted in association with the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, will be developed as a public research seminar examining the rites of passage for confraternal knowledge production in the Arts and Humanities, utilizing the historic auspices of the Venice School (Università Iuav di Venezia), “home” to renowned architectural scholars Manfredo Tafuri and Massimo Cacciari in the 1970s and 1980s. Foremost in this regard, and to be adopted as “textbooks,” yet applied to the study of media and transmedia, are Tafuri’s Architecture and Utopia (1976) and Cacciari’s Architecture and Nihilism (1993).
Via Ljubljana archives and private collections, the work of the 1980s Slovene art collective NSK will be examined (inclusive of the icons of IRWIN and the editioned prints of the controversial post-punk musicians Laibach), with a visit mid-May to a retrospective exhibition of NSK work planned for the Palazzo Ca’Tron, Venice, in association with the opening of the Venice Art Biennale. Forms of inspired flâneurie (wandering aimlessly), transmedia, multimedia exhibition, and literary-critical exegesis will be utilized as research methodologies. Additionally, seminar sessions conducted in Venice will examine Early Modern editioned works (books and prints) in the Venetian Renaissance, including architectural treatises, and the subsequent proliferation of printed media across Europe, leading to the establishment of both copyright law and droit moral in the 1700s. Students will produce multimedia dossiers (photographic, videographic, and written documentation) of the project.

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