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Ours is a rather systematic world. Whether formal or informal, systems exist at all levels of societal interaction, be it politics, agriculture, education, healthcare or technology. However, not all systems are perfect, not all function the way they were envisaged. This course addresses the myriad broken systems we find around us, either in our daily lives or in seemingly distantly connected realities, and, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, hopes to give them a new life by mending them though sensitive interventions. In this course, students will look at systems in their cities and conduct an inquiry into their level of broken-ness. Questions they will grapple with include -Are all systems broken? Can broken systems be mended or should they be discarded? Should all systems be mended in the same manner? Does the culture of a city impact the systems embedded in it etc. The final outcome will be in the form of a set of paintings that will depict the journey of the selected system from being broken to being whole again but in a different manifestation.

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