Millennial Homes : Needs and Desires
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Spaces and generations have changed and millennials find it difficult to meet their housing needs, which resonates with their thought process and emotional connect.
It is essential to understand their housing needs and millennial's meaning of home. The millennial generation as a whole, connects its personal and social identity to its physical surroundings, therefore, these young adults desire to establish a personal identity through "Sense of Place" in their home and social a identity through "Sense of Community" in their living environment.
The millennials leave their parent's home and want to create an identity of their own through these living spaces. These spaces displaying and facilitating their education, social status and rapidly changing needs.
Due to the age and income, these current needs are not feasibly met. This course will seek to identify how a small home design can accommodate the millennial generation's needs in relation to their personal and social identities. It is intended that this type of design will promote a sense of belonging and incorporate spaces that encourage the development of millennial identities.

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