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The course aims to equip students with model making techniques that can help them represent design and design ideas through physical models.

As a result of the pandemic the students have lost on opportunity to explore physical 3d models and develop necessary hand skills which can prove to be crucial in exploration and representation of design. This course hopes to bridge that gap while working offline alongside their peers.

The students will be required to select 1 built work of a master architect which will become basis for model explorations. The course will be divided in 3 parts, each of which will focus on different scale and nature of representation :
1-Translating conceptual diagrams into conceptual models
2-Skin and bone model of the building and structure in mono or diachrome ( tentative scale 1:100, 1:200)
3-Part sectional model accurately representing the actual materials and details ( tentative scale 1:10, 1:20).

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