Narrative Cartographies + Video Cartographies. Making visible hidden spatial dimensions.
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‘Narrative cartographies’ aims to visualize from radical representations the complexity of the endless dimensions of space. Spatial representations are not only the mere drawings of buildings, rooms, and objects, but rather the actions, dispositions, and sensations of their inhabitants. In this course, we will draw unstable, invisible and immaterial concepts to broaden our spatial knowledge.

What happens if we widen the concepts depicted in spatial representations? Why don't we, instead of mapping only spaces, visualize what is happening in such places? And what if the blackest line of a plan is not the section of the building but rather the relationship between two bodies? Why don´t we use our notation tools as a designer not only to show the material constructions, but also the immaterial ones –such as events, actions and relations- that every space contains?

‘Narrative cartographies’ launches these questions and wants to answer it through an array of representations -where exploring the potentiality of drawing- to visualize the endless and usually not recognized hidden dimensions throughout a design process.

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