NEST: Experimenting through Design in Norway
Image source: Course Faculty

The summer school exposes the student to the art, craft, architecture, design and cultural lifestyle of Norway. The idea is to experiment through design and develop spaces for encounters and creative exchange. Students will get an opportunity to interact with international experts and visit cultural institutions and architectural landmarks across various cities of Norway. Through Nest: an experimental incubation, the intention is to activate indoor and outdoor spaces through art installations and hands-on experimentation activities. Nest is a hybrid space where work and play shift constantly. Nest sets a stage for various unexpected scenarios and social activities to unfold, from playful work/study assemblies, or collective lunch in the sun to serene book reading, while nesting. The collective output of the project will be displayed at Hannah Ryggen Triennale 2022. This course is part of Threads of Innovation (TOI), an international academic project - winner of UTFORSK 2020 by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Research. It is a partnership between CEPT and NTNU, Norway. This course is done in collaboration with KOMPAN (Norway). It is conducted by CEPT and NTNU faculty members.

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