Nondestructive Testing : Evaluation of quality of RCC structures
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Evaluation of the quality of the structure is the first step in case of structural modifications, operational changes, or damages to restore/upgrade structural capacity. Nondestructive testing is the technique that allows the testing of various properties of the material by keeping the structure intact.
This course focuses on Nondestructive testing (NDT) of RCC structures. There are several NDT methods used for different purposes. Students would be exposed to various tests methods, their applications, and their limitations.
There are several NDT methods like Rebar locator, Rebound hammer test, Ultrapulse velocity test, Carbonation test, Concrete core test, Half-cell meter tests, etc. Under this course, students would get exposure to working with instruments by testing real RCC elements. They would be using standard test procedures, analyzing test results, and interpreting the same. Some field studies can done under this course.

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