Observing through sketching
Image source: Hand-drawn: Scaffold Cities by KM Tham. Image Courtesy of World Architecture Festival

Observation, one of the simplest terms to understand, is one of the most important terms for any designer. As designers, we learn the most from what we observe. Our designs are governed by what we observe and understand from our surroundings. To be able to carefully observe and record the observation is crucial for us as designers. There are various mediums and tools that allow us to record our observations. One such tool is sketching.
Sketching more often than not, is looked at as a tool of representation. It is rarely seen as a tool to observe and record. inclination towards sketching and visualisation

The overall objective of the course is to develop the ability to be able to use sketching as a tool to observe, record and represent.
It will involve multiple site visits within ahmedabad. Sketching will be used as a tool to understand the site and record the observations across the day. These observations will be specific to the build elements and its language. Students will prepare a model depicting surfaces and volumes which will then be translated and represented as a built form. The built form will derive its character from their observations.

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