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This course is about learning an extra ordinary eco-friendly medium, a traditional art practice & exploring contemporary ideas.
There is a vast history of the art of paper mache in India. It is still being practiced by craft persons all over India. Paper mache objects are utilized for household activities and many are also for decorative purposes. Artists from different Fine Arts Institutions did some pioneering work and have been using the art of paper mache in their works – like paintings, sculptures and installations.
The course is structured in 3 modules – a) Introduction about paper mache craft tradition of India and its contemporary use in new ways. b) Brief about paper making and paper sculpture. c) Juxtapose the traditional process with new ideas.
In this workshop based course students will make large size designed paper pulp structures (Installation) – assembling small sculptures inside them. Students will have the opportunity to work on the following things: 1) Socio- environmental and aesthetical knowledge. 2) Creative understanding and Visualization, and 3) Designing an interactive structure.

Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs.1000/, Local travel : Rs.500/ as mentioned in expenses.

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