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The course aims to provide insight into Double Curved Surfaces as an expression of Parametric Design, the inherent logic that constitutes and drives it, and the process of translating double curved surfaces into discrete rationalised planar parts. Rhino & Grasshopper will be used as an aid in design exploration (not as a representative tool) and planarisation.
The technique of Parametric Design of Double Curved Surfaces marks a paradigm shift where relationships between elements are used to manipulate and inform the design of geometries. The focus shifts from the process of modelling geometry, to the process of defining geometry. The designer’s attitude thus transforms from developing a pre-conceived idea of a form and directs towards form-generating rules and the dependencies between the parts. The course is divided into five parts – (1) Double curved surface modelling :Explicit modelling using Rhino and T-spline, and scripted modelling using Grasshopper,(2) Planarisation of double curved surfaces :Triangulation using Lunchbox plugin, and Ornamental Planarisation (combination of triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons etc) using a custom developed script,(3) Gravity-responsive simulation of double curved surfaces : Kangaroo plugin shall be used, which needs identification of physical constraints (anchor points, gravity, wind pressure etc) as input, (4) A design charrette on Canopy, and (5) Installation Design Build. Prior knowledge of the tools is not required. Participants will get a first-hand taste of the design workflow of top-ranked universities and practices from around the world. Kindly go to for more details. Expenses for students: Material cost: Rs.4000/-.

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