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Paris is a city of many cities- imagined, lived and controlled. The city’s landscape has been re-created, rebuilt and made meaningful by the daily acts of public life along with planned interventions in its fabric. It carries within itself imprints of different eras gone by & amid all the conflicts of the new and the old, continues to flourish today. The workshop aims to explore different areas of Paris which reflect the collective ideology of society across different time periods. The adaptability of Parisians to these new ideologies is exhibited in the city’s public realm and architecture. The workshop will be an attempt to investigate into this dynamic nature of the city & study the transitions which have redefined the city, by looking at various redevelopment, adaptive reuse, place-making and community building projects.
As a part of the exploration, students will be exposed to concepts of innovation in city planning and architecture through art, literature & movies which shall provide them with a context to the workshop. This preparatory work will enable students to take a deep-dive into the cultural ethos of Paris. Along with the study on the transition of Paris through cognitive mapping, to contextualize their learnings students would re-imagine an Indian scenario based on the past, present and expected transformations in public life over time.
Lectures and workshops by eminent professionals- Brice Piechaczyk from Enia architects, faculty of renowned architecture school of Paris- Simon Pallubicki from ENSAPB, Young Professionals & PhD Scholars - Edna Peza & Priscillia Jorge.
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 5000/-, Food & Stay - Rs. 55000/-, Local Travel - Rs. 5000/-

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