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Documentation is the first step towards conservation of cultural heritage & photography is a key tool in it. The medium of photography is employed with lesser understanding and is least utilized. The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the benefits of documenting cultural heritage via scientifically viable methods of photography & to emphasize cost effectiveness in photographic documentation & gain an introduction to its various methods. Photo documentation enables us to understand scale,context,style and elements among various other information. Photography for heritage documentation is different from ‘architectural photography’ as the end product will be used for research,conservation, development purposes&production of scaled drawings. Utilization of structured photographic techniques will unshackle the limitations of a ‘DIY’ conservation enthusiast. Participants will understand ways to record spaces with varying levels of accuracy.The old city of Hyderabad will be the venue. The components of the workshop are structured into introductory lectures,field work,group activities & presentations. The workshop topics include(i) Scaled-rectified photography enabling site plan,elevations, street elevations,cross sections and detailing(ii) Macro photography showing details,textures,color,scale,etc.(iii) Panoramic photography illustrating the context (iv) Introduction to Aerial photogrammetry, Giga pixel Photogrammetry & Laser scanning. Upon completion of the course,the participants should be able to develop a critical understanding of conservation documentation via photography. Expenses for Students: Material Cost:Rs 3000/-,Local Travel:Rs 2000/-,Food&Stay:Rs 7000/-+travel expense as mentioned in expenses.

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