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Europe plays an important role in shaping the cultural logic of the twentieth century. As much as locations such as India shape important histories independently through their very particular colonial and nationalist histories; the intellectual traditions developed in Europe leave an important imprint in many cultures across the world.
How is Europe shaped? What shaped the idea and self-image of Europe? And how did these experiences shape the universal (or so imagined) ideas of Modernism, Modernity, and the Postmodern? The proposed School will travel to some of the sites in Europe which will help us discuss and unravel the questions above. An introductory set of lectures, readings and discussions and visits will be planned in Mumbai.The programme will undertake the visit of three cities - Paris, Berlin, and Stuttgart and key museums will be visited and discussed for their architecture, curatorial programme, and a select set of objects on display within them. Many European cities shaped through building projects and the collections as well as curatorial frameworks adopted by some of the Museums located in these cities indicate the processes of Modernism and especially the Postmodern. The design of buildings, as well as the adoption of certain thematic organisation of the galleries in these museums, along with some of the crucial works of art and architecture displayed in here - help us understand the ongoing project of Modern and Postmodern Europe. These would be accompanied by expert lectures by local scholars in each city. Expenses for Students - Food & Stay - Rs. 90000/- ; Local Travel - Rs. 20000/-; Material cost :- Rs. 10000/-

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