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Pushing aside 250 years of neglect, Traditional Murals are making a come back. 'Dhyansankalpam' from Calicut and Sasi Edavarad -a full time traditional mural artist -together have occupied the walls on temples and schools for mural installations with community participation since 2009.As part of an independent, 'not-for-profit' initiative:' These walls are meant for murals'- they have commissioned over 2500sq ft of murals on walls - rivaling those at the Dutch Palace,Mattanchery and elsewhere in Kerala. They are now set to occupy the minds of the budding-architects across the country. Sasi Edavarad has devised a workshop - to introduce them to the basics in Trad Murals and get a feel of measurements -tala-pramaana- use of colours- and principles of free-hand drawing. The 14-day workshop is tailor-made for aspiring architects -it is comprehensive, intensive,and immersive. The participants will get a overview of the history of painting in India-how it survived in its most pristine form in Kerala on day one. From Day #2 to Day# 7 participants will be introduced to essential elements in traditional murals - from Day# 8 participants will independently attempt to complete a canvas of size 2ft x 3 ft.On day#14 each participant shall complete the mural -ending it with 'Netra Unmeelanam'- applying black to the pupils of the lead character -it is a ritual act of infusing life into the mural.
Mr Hari Kumar Chelli will be available for first two days-to anchor the workshop as a 'subject expert '
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 2000/

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