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There is an explosive growth of aviation industry in Asian market. India has a tremendous potential to expand its existing Airports’ infrastructure. Airport terminal buildings are where passengers spend most of their time before boarding the aircraft. The grandeur of passenger terminal building has grown in recent years across the world. The world class architectural designs of terminal buildings such as Tom Bradley Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport are not only outcome of good architectural concepts but also synthesis of passenger processing criteria and coordination of mechanical/electrical services. Integration of works of Art by artists is an important aspect in the successful design of an Airport Terminal building. Terminal 2 at International Airport in Mumbai is an excellent example of Art Integration. The course will focus on USA based domestic Airports’ good design practices and principals.The course will be offered in a seminar like presentation followed by open question and answer session, round table discussion and/or breakout session. Examples of Airport Terminal Buildings will be used to explain various methods of passenger processing, baggage handling and customer level of services. Modeling and simulation analysis will be presented for a comparison with domestic Indian airport passenger terminals.The key learning outcome will be a basic understanding of different configurations of terminal building, various level of passenger experiences, components of the terminal facility and technological systems for passenger processing and security.
Expenses for Students :Local travel : Rs.800/ as mentioned in expenses.

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