Print Design for Interior Spaces
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About Print Design
There are many objects around us which we are normally habitual of ignoring. We usually are not noticing them in detail. When we have to design something normally we go out of our comfort zone for inspiration, to think about something different to design.
What if we find that “something” around us? We can find that “something” in our surrounding, in our house, even in the kitchen.
About Print Design for Interior Spaces
For any Interior space design project when we need prints for say Wall paper, Carpets, Wall panelling, interior textile etc we go for what is available in the market and try to match it with theme of our concept or end up adjusting out design little bit to availability of the print. But what if you have the skill set to design your own print which you can get transferred to any surface you need in any colour way you want for your interior space. This print design course is exactly to cover this specific need of all the designers. It is an exercise to make an individual able to look at things around us and perceive in different outlook.

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