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A designer needs a myriad of skills to run a successful design practice. From understanding a clients requirements, managing the office, coordinating between different consultants and finally executing a project successfully; requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes involved. This course aims to familiarize students with the following aspects of a design practice:
1. Typologies of projects and client’s needs
2. Planning a project on the drawing board
3. Making Contracts and understanding tenders
4. Making Bills of quantities
5. Conducting market surveys
6. Identifying roles of different consultants
7. Coordinating drawings and activities of various consultants
8. Planning site activities
9. Managing the work on site
10. Completion and Project documentation
As students move out in the professional realm, these skills are required to navigate the complexity involved in executing designs, managing teams, and finding projects. During the course they will be exposed to various ongoing sites and will tackle scenarios of each stage. The course will equip them with all the necessary tools to run a successful design practice.

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