Project Management

To make the students aware of basic and advanced management function, tools & techniques as applied to construction projects to achieve completion of projects within the objectives of time, cost, quality & safety.

1 Introduction Meaning, Definition, Function, Principles, Processes of Project & Understanding of Project Life Cycle. 2 Planning & Scheduling Contract Calendar, Construction Project Schedule, Monthly Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Productivity & its Allocation in Preparing Bar Chart & Labor schedule, Material Constants Crashing and its Application in Preparing Material Schedule, Resource Allocation and Leveling. MS Project Software. 3 Organizing Design of Organization Structure, Work Allotment, Fixing Responsibilities. 4 Controlling Establishing Control Standards for Project Objectives & Working Out Variances w.r.t. Project Objectives through Meetings & Reviews of Projects. Earn Value Management. 5 Monitoring Reducing or Mitigating Variances as Calculated above in Controlling. 6 Safety Management Understanding of Safety Aspects in Construction Projects. 7 Quality Management Introduction to Quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Review, Quality Audit based on ISO. 8 Risk Management Identification, analysis and prioritization of risks.

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