(Landscape Metal Sculptures )
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Landscape sculpture eschews aesthetic experiences based on privacy and uniqueness. It is grounded in shared experiences that contribute toward a sense of community. In this respect, public sculpture calls for a refocusing of the logic of visual understanding. We aim to encourage connections with friends and strangers creating serendipitous audible moments that create a sense of community, shared creative ground and sociability’, it segments a continuous form, interrupts how we look at it and keeps us looking a bit longer; an interaction with an object which occurs when we look at art, Land body brings together artists from diverse cultural lineages who offer distinct perspectives and varied relationships with the land.Landscape Sculptures is thought to enhance the public space of our cities. It is a kind of public art plays a vital role in public space because it adds creativity to the space and becomes a cornerstone. The variety of public art available in public space creates liveliness and contributes to inclusive spaces which can lead to engagement with public art and with people in public spaces. Many amenities are involved in creating a 'good' public space.

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