Image source: Priyal Naik, Thesis 2008 : Study of Parks in New Urban Areas, Case : Residential Areas

Urban parks are one of the most important components of cities and they have had an evolving role in the urban realm. Even though their primary role is to be a mediator between urban dwellers and nature,the parks contribute to various services ranging from ecological , economic, social and psychological benefits. The course will explore the public parks of Ahmedabad in two ways and present the findings from these live case studies relating to benefits of these urban parks.
First , students will document the parks. This will be done through photographic documentation, time lapse videos and mapping the intangibles. Second, students will put up exhibition of study of selected parks at CEPT campus and will present it to a forum of experts from various disciplines.
The study will assess the benefits of urban parks in four categories. Environmental Benefits including ecological Benefits, pollution control, biodiversity and nature conservation. Economic Benefits including water management, Property Value. Social and psychological including recreation and well being, health of the city and planning and design, including perceptions of green space, aesthetic values, present state, contextual response, efficiency of layout etc. A series of expert lectures and public discussion forums are an integral part of this course.
During the course of the study the students can expect to learn methods of classification, documentation and parameters for evaluation of the urban parks. They will also develop insights into how and why urban parks become significant to the city and more broadly into critical design considerations for public parks.
Expenses for Students - Material Cost - Rs. 1000/-, Local Travel - Rs. 1000/-.

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