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The ReFresh workshops are conceived to work with and within urban organizations. They are ten day long resulting in a performance, engaging the community both as participants and audience. It seeks to reveal the pleasures and possibilities of built environments otherwise hidden due to habitual use and familiarity by inhabiting them creatively- through theatre and bodywork - emphasizing an active experience of space. In collaborating with theatre-makers, the conditions of play are set up along the lines of site-specific devised theatre and which is collaboratively made over an intense period from scratch. Using physical theatre techniques and principles of architecture, the participants become creative performers who create, edit, design and perform short pieces of original site-specific theatre work. The performance can be thought of as urban meditations which help in the re-discovery and activation of built environments, there by acting as precursors to design. The theme of the workshop is chosen to loosely scaffold the content of the devised plays, and is specific to the context and site. For this workshop at CEPT, one will work with the theme of “gates and gatekeepers”. Since every story, community or place has its edges (in the sense of in and out), the theme creates an opportunity to investigate boundaries and intersections at various scales, physical and perceptual. Participants might select a studio, garden, dining area, a spot in the library, a parking lot, a seminar room, any spot which intrigues, which find’s a relevance to the theme making the architecture itself an integral character in the plays.
Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs. 1000/ as mentioned in expenses.

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