Samarthaya Shaala: Buildings as a Learning Aid for Street-connected children
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Children in street situations face discrimination on a daily basis including abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Without access to education or literacy, they are unable to break out of the vicious cycle of violence and injustice. At the heart of bringing systemic change to their lives lies access to education.

The selected site for the course is an informal education space in Aligarh, UP & is currently used by an NGO to teach over 40 children aged 6 to 17. Among these, 60% beg for survival, 20% are child laborers & 20% run roadside shops. They have never attended any formal schooling. The SWS students will work directly with these children to understand their unique learning needs & design solutions using existing concepts of BALA (Building as a learning aid) wherein the built environment itself becomes a tool for holistic learning. They will then construct their prototypes on a site. The workshop will culminate in an exhibition where the students will watch their learning prototypes be used by the children.

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