Image source: sculpting land 1.0

Sculpting land 2.0 is the second version of the land art workshop.The course involves sculpting the land itself and making installation with use of natural materials. Land art uses natural landscape as a canvas to display ‘art structure/sculpture’ rather than traditional way of displaying art in a museum or art gallery. Sculptures are not just placed in the landscape; rather, the landscape is the means of their creation. Landscape is not constant, it keeps on changing every moment, and thus land art has the momentary appreciation/drama which will eventually fade away with time and students will be encouraged to capture this momentary effect. The course gives opportunity to learn, explore and develop a deeper understanding about nature, where students can exercise their creativity and imagination. The course involves outdoors activities where students can wonder in nature, play with sand, and enjoy the sweet/bitter fragrance of flowers, sound of leaves and appreciate the nature away from the constructed world. In this workshop, students shall work in groups of 2 to create various sculptures.
Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 5000/- as mentioned in expenses.

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