Settlement pattern analysis : Digital techniques
Image source: Live North, Shrayana Ray

We will Collaborate with NORTH, a design collective based in Himachal to study Rumsu village. Nestled high up in the mountains of Himachal, it is entrenched in ancient wisdom of using wood and stone construction for thousands of years.
Such rural settlements have a complex structure resulting from an overlay of a series of layers. These are various kinds of networks which may be either imposed,due to natural terrain, policies and land use typologies or generated inherently, as a result of occupation, caste and religious distinctions. Within these one also finds imbibed a social space developing its own spatial morphology. Extracting rules and analysing patterns within such settlements would be extremely useful in understanding the inherent order that exists in their apparent complex organisation.
The course aims at conducting these experiments by using digital analytical tools within Rhino+Grasshopper, for spatial and climatic performances. We will have Master classes by the local experts regarding the construction techniques and built fabric. Meeting and interacting with the local people in order to understand socio-cultural traits and document the built-open volumes.

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